What is there to see in our museum:

  • A state of the art mirror maze with light effects, sound background and LCD panels
  • Funny mirrors – watch the shape of your body change when you look into the mirrors from different distances and angles
  • Delayed response LCDs
  • Deceitful pictures

Right in the heart of Europe, in the very historical centre of Prague you can find an unexpected, but all the more pleasant and attractive surprise – the most up-to-date mirror labyrinth full of sophisticated light and sound effects and LCD panels. This is an ideal place designed for easy relaxation and endless entertainment for children and adults, regardless of their age, nationality or religious confession.

The general atmosphere of the labyrinth is underlined by various colours, changing intensity of lighting, sound background or interchangeable motifs on the large-screen displays. Walking through the unique mirror maze will capture you with its intriguing play of unpredictable reflections, dazzles and shades. This matchless experience will, beyond any doubt, endow you with unforgettable memories of Prague.

How to find us:

The Finest Toy Shop in the World
Na Příkopě 14
110 00 Praha 1

Opening hours:

10 a.m. – 8 p.m.